Hellbound - Stage 9(Inner Oasis)
At stage 9 in the process of opening up Hellbound, Tailor Buron will ask you to saBe the slaves Beleth keeps at the oasis behind the Gate of the outer Enceinte, giving them Darion's Badges so that they can return home.
After entering the Iron Castle gate and turning south, you will soon arrive at a little lake, with some trees and tents put up in their shade.
The slaves living there are far from home. With at least five Darion's Badges, you can help them travel back to the west of the island. It will also increase the number of accumulated trust points on the server.

After giving a certain amount of Darion's Badges to the slaves, you will be able to enter the next level. You will know that this point is reached when a slave you talk to is telling you that he now can experience the feeling of Hellbound being liberated.

"Matras's Curiosity": After talking to Matras, he will give you six rough ores. They have the same attribute as real Stones, but cannot be traded. Matras will ask you to find and bring blueprints of the structure of the tower of Steel Citadel from the Raid Bosses Demon Prince and Ranku. After having done this quest, you gain direct access to [Tully's Workshop], the third tower of the Steel Citadel, so that you won't have to fight your way through the [Base Tower] and the [Tower of Infinitum] again.

Note: You can pick up the quest at this stage, but you can only progress through it at stage 11.

To move on to the next stage, you need to collect more than 2,100,000 points.

For information about the next stage of Hellbound, please refer to the "Next Hellbound Stage(10)." link.

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