Hellbound - Stage 7(Battered Lands and S-Grade Recipes)
An important way to obtain S-Grade equipment is to exchange pages from the Ancient Tome of the Demon, an item that the monsters in the western half of Hellbound occasionally drop, against recipes and key materials. But for that a player needs a Premium Caravan Certificate. When you talk to Caravan Merchant Hude at the Caravan Encampment, he will be asking you for 56 Life Forces and 14 Contained Life Forces to prove your friendship, at the same time already showing you the list of S-Grade items you will be able to trade with him for.

For collecting the Life Forces you need a Magic Bottle that can be obtained for 20 Scorpion Poison Stingers from NPC Kief at the Native Village. Magic Bottles are created by wizards of the Ivory Tower and are used specially to seal magic powers of the monsters created by Beleth. Kief will explain to you how a Magic Bottle works: when you have beaten a Chimera almost to death so that only 1/10 of its HP remains, trigger the Bottle via a hotkey and capture its Life Force. This is a process somewhat similar to leveling a Soul Crystal. Once you have obtained your Magic Bottle, head to Battered Lands (that part of Hellbound opens at stage seven). But before you can enter your hunting ground, you will have to face the Wounded Land Guards, Demons with Dark Attribute that can poison you.

While from Chimeras of Earth, Darkness, Wind, and Fire you can, using your Magic Bottle, obtain Dim Life Force and regular Life Force, you will be able to obtain Contained Life Force from Celtus, their leader. If Hellbound should still be in its initial stages, like for example in South-East Asia, you can contribute to raising its level by donating Dim, regular and Contained Life Forces to Kief. But keep in mind, those Chimers are no easy pushover - a regular Chimera, Celtus. The Battered Lands are only suitable for experienced parties.

Once Hellbound has reached stage seven, you can obtain from Hude at the Caravan Encampment a Premium Caravan Certificate in exchange for 56 regular Life Forces and 14 Contained Life Forces.

This Premium Caravan Certificate entitles you to trade with him for key materials and recipes needed to craft S-Grade equipment - weapons, armor and jewelry. Caravan Merchant Hude does not take adena, however, but pieces of paper you obtain by double-clicking on an Ancient Tome of the Demon: Hidden First Pages, Hidden Second Pages or Demon Contract Fragments.

To move on to the next stage, you need to collect more than 1,800,000 points.

For information about the next stage of Hellbound, please refer to the "Next Hellbound Stage(8)." link.

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