Hellbound - Stage 6(Enchanted Megaliths)
When stage 6 in the process of opening up Hellbound has been reached, the NPCs in the main building of the Native Village will tell you about changes at the Enchanted Megaliths. Kief will report abnormalities at the Enchanted Megaliths and Tailor Buron will tell you that Darion's forces are weakened but seemed to use everything they have to defend Enchanted Megaliths. He suspects that there's something important hidden at the area.
If you go to the Enchanted Megaliths north of the village, you will see that there have indeed more monsters appeared at the place. But now the united front of the natives, the "newcomers" and the Caravan is strong enough to attempt an attack on the Enchanted Megaliths. Naia's Defender [Hellinark] is a lvl 84 Raid Boss, he is aggressive and can stun you. It's not easy to kill him, but if you succeeed in defeating him, this will give you a considerable amount of trust points.
Hellinark can use his magical powers to summon [Naia Failans], cactus-like crystalline beings who are usually passive but can cast debuffs on anybody whom they feel is threatening them and their master.
Apart from that, Hellinark has a great number of [Failan's Guards] and [Arcane Guardians] at his disposal. Failan's Guards are passive, i.e. hard to pull away from dangerous company. They can be considered as light-weight boys on Hellbound. Both Failan's Guards and Arcane Guardians are spoiling EWS scrolls, so if you have a Bounty Hunter or a Fortune Seeker they might almost be worth killing, not only for trust points but also for real profit.
But be careful when killing the guards. Everything at the Enchanted Megaliths is extremely social and you might easily end up in a situation like this:

Boss Hunt: Like at [Stage 5] you can talk to the Hellbound Traitor at the Native Village. Give him 10 Marks of Betrayal, and you will have a chance to kill Resistance Fighter General [Leodas]. Again you will gain recognition from Steel Citadel but will also lose trust points. And keep in mind that Leodas is extremely resistant to pole arms (special thanks to Nuku for the tip). If you have an alternative, bringing a different weapon would be wise.

Once the Enchanted Megaliths are taken, the invisible barrier isolating the Battered Lands will fall and the Chimeras living there can be hunted.

To move on to the next stage, you need to collect more than 1,500,000 points.

For information about the next stage of Hellbound, please refer to the "Next Hellbound Stage(7)." link.

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