Hellbound - Stage 10(Market Town)
When you talk to a slave at the Inner Oasis and he tells you that he now can experience the feeling of Hellbound being liberated, this is the sign that stage 10 in the process of opening up Hellbound has been reached.

Now you are ready for the Market Town, a 30 minute instance for 2 or more persons of lvl 78 or above.

To enter the instance, talk to Kanaf on the southern edge of the town. He will deposit you in the southwestern corner of the town.

Basically there are two kinds of activity you can pursue in the town. The first is killing monsters, the [Town Guards] stationed in groups of 5 or 6 at the strategic corners, and the [Town Patrolman] wandering around between the buildings. Both monsters are lvl 81.
If you are in a hurry to find the Steel Citadel Keymaster (see below), your Spectral Dancer may use the lvl 77 skill "Dance of Shadows", which will enable you to avoid the Town Guards. But the Town Patrolman can see right through the Shadow effect. So be careful!

The second activity is rescuing Natives to increase the level of trust on your server. Talk to a Native Prisoner, click on the link that lets you disturb the magic that paralyzes him. He will thank you and warn you of the guards who will immediately come.

Equally important, however, is to find the lvl 81 [Steel Citadel Keymaster]. He is at random hiding in one of the 5 buildings, those where you can also find the Native Prisoners.

When you kill the Keymaster, he will drop with a certain probability a Key of the Evil Eye.

If luck should not be with you and the Keymaster didn't carry a Key, it is best to leave the town now with Party Recall and enter again via Kanaf.

When you have the Key, you can eliminate the lvl 86 [Torture Expert Amaskari] in the center of the town. Be careful, he might set not only the nearby Town Guards but also the 10 [Tortured Natives] under his control on you. Don't kill them - this would reduce the level of trust on your server.

Apart from the skill "Invasion of Spirit", a Damage over Time that reduces your MP, Amaskari can also absorb the HP of the Tortured Natives. Those Natives are relatively easy to kill, but, as mentioned before, this will reduce the level of trust on your server. Therefore it is better to ignore that healing effect.

As soon as Amaskari is dead, those poor traumatised guys will run away. Now fight your way to the northeastern end of town, where you will find a Moonlight Stele. Insert the Key of the Evil Eye into the Stele, and after 5 minutes you will be teleported into the [Base Tower] of the Steel Citadel. During these 5 minutes keep an eye on any remaining monsters. As you can see on the map above, right behind you is a Town Guard checkpoint.

Hellbound Stage 10 - Base Tower

1) Like the whole Steel Citadel, the Base Tower is a so-called "Restart Impossible Zone". In practical terms that means if you do not reconnect to the server within 10 minutes after you have been disconnected, your character will be teleported to the Oasis at the Enceinte and you have to start from the beginning again.

The first floor of the Base Tower is composed of wide halls and a labyrinth.


The first player who comes in contact with one of the two lvl 85 aggressive Body Destroyer (the short guy half hidden behind the others) will receive a Death Sentence Curse - he or she will die within 30 seconds unless other players kill the Body Destroyer, who is good at close-distance single target physical attacks, in that time. A different, and more elegant, solution is to bring along a Cardinal who has learned the lvl 78 skill Cleanse. This also removes the Death Sentence.
The four lvl 85 Soul Dominators surrounding each Body Destroyer are passive and non-social with each other. Therefore we would recommend that you pick them off one by one as far as possible before you attack the Body Destroyer. To compensate for their level being lowered to 83, the Soul Dominators have a debuff that lowers the player's resistance against Dark-backed attacks (what the Soul Dominators are delivering). Therefore it will then be more prudent to Sleep them and only deal with the Body Destroyer.

After finishing up the monsters in the Anteroom, players may obtain at random either a Gate Key: Destruction or a Gate Key: Darkness. With those Keys the respective doors at the two sides of the Anteroom can be opened and you gain access to the labyrinth. When entering via the Door of Destruction, the way through the labyrinth is shorter. The Key for the Door of Destruction can only be obtained from the Passageway Captains in the second floor.

Here a plan of the labyrinth. The Door of Destruction is on the right side of the Anteroom, the Door of Darkness on the left side:
While moving around in the labyrinth, always keeping in a northerly direction, players will sooner or later encounter a lvl 85 Labyrinth Seer. This lady can Root you and is an expert at Dark-backed magical attacks, both long-distance single target and close distance AoE From her you will on occasion obtain a Gate Key: Blood. Find the Door of Blood and enter the next labyrinth. There, like before, you will have to deal with Labyrinth Watchmen and Labyrinth Captains, who both have strong physical attacks, while Labyrinth Mystics as well as Labyrinth Seers have magical attacks. If you are in a hurry, the lvl 77 Dance of Shadows, danced by a Spectral Dancer, is of help.
After moving around some more, you will come to a big hall and encounter the Mini Boss Guzen, a Demon who is good at close-distance Dark-backed physical AoE attacks

After you have killed Guzen, the ghost Kendal will appear. Only some specific classes like Soultaker or Hell Knight can understand what he says. But that doesn't matter - he just expresses his fear of Darion and Beleth.
With a bit more running, you can see a long sloping ramp that leads up to to the second floor of the Base Tower. The exit is in the upper right corner of the plan above.

The second floor of the Base Tower is composed of a corridor and rooms:

Group monsters will appear here:
the Passageway Captain, who has a tendency to Stun his opponents Passageway Guards, who are good at Dark-backed close-distance single-target physical attacks and Passageway Mystics, who can Root you, burn up your MP and are good at Dark-backed close-distance AoE attacks.
By killing the Passageway Captain you can also obtain a Key for the Door of Destruction. (The Door of Destruction is a shortcut; if you should get killed you don't have to enter throught the Door of Darkness but can quickly resume your fight).

Monsters in the passageway are relatively easy; players can just fight their way through. Occasionally the Passageway Captains and Passageway Guards will drop a bottle of Fiery Demon Blood. After all members of the party have drenched themselves (by double-clicking) with this Demon Blood, they can go to the NPC Jerian at the end of the corridor and enter the Tower of Infinitum through him. But keep in mind that, once you have applied it, the Fiery Demon Blood will evaporate in 10 minutes. Therefore wait until every party member has a bottle before you talk to Jerian.

To move on, Hellbound stage must be at level 11, Jerian will inform you that you can’t enter

1. Please go back to the Steel Citadel Market Town and continue to kill monsters there.
2. Save the Native Prisoners and the Tortured Natives
3. Hunt monsters in Base Tower until you can enter. Being able to enter the Tower of Infinitum is the sign that Hellbound has reached stage 11 on L2Temida.

To move on to the next stage, you need to collect more than 2,200,000 points.

For information about the next stage of Hellbound, please refer to the "Next Hellbound Stage(11)." link.

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