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Kamaloka by L2Temida
Kamaloka Information:
The difference in lvl reduces the chance to drop all items(including certificate).
You can enter Kamaloka with a party of 2 to 6 people.
In one level of Kamaloka, max. 10 instances will open (max. 10 parties that can't see each other).
We can have 5 lvl difference, for example Kamaloka 23 lvl players can go from lvl 18 to lvl 28.
If we didn't defeat the boss, that's fine! We can enter as many times as we want. When we kill him, he counts down 12 hours to the next entrance (The limit is per account, not only per character).
We have 30 minutes to complete the instance, it is counted from the entrance
List of guards who will help us get to the kamaloka and their location:
[Image: kamaloka.png]
We can get a Certificate from each Kamaloka. When we collect all the Certificates, we can exchange them for the S Stage weapon.
[Image: Certyfikation.png]
There is 10 Stage, each adds 1% P. and M. Attack.
What do we need to replace for a given Stage:
1 Stage: All Certificates (17).
2 Stage: All Certificates (17).
3 Stage: All Certificates (17).
4 Stage: All Certificates (17).
5 Stage: All Certificates (17).
6 Stage: All Certificates (17) and 1 Gold Bar.
7 Stage: All Certificates (17) and 2 Gold Bar.
8 Stage: All Certificates (17) and 3 Gold Bar.
9 Stage: All Certificates (17) and 4 Gold Bar.
10 Stage: All Certificates (17) and 5 Gold Bar.
[Image: stage.png]
RB list:
Tomlan Kamos (Kamaloka lvl: 23)
Ol Ariosh (Kamaloka lvl: 26)
Crimson Hatu Otis (Kamaloka lvl: 33)
Seer Flouros (Kamaloka lvl: 36)
Follower of Flouros (Kamaloka lvl: 36)
Blade Otis (Kamaloka lvl: 43)
Follower of Otis (Kamaloka lvl: 43)
Weird Bunei (Kamaloka lvl: 46)
Kaim Abigore (Kamaloka lvl: 53)
Follower of Abigore (Kamaloka lvl: 53)
Knight Montagnar (Kamaloka lvl: 56)
Follower of Montagnar (Kamaloka lvl: 56)
Venomous Storace (Kamaloka lvl: 63)
Follower of Storace (Kamaloka lvl: 63)
Kel Bilette  (Kamaloka lvl: 66)
Follower of Bilette (Kamaloka lvl: 66)
White Allosce  (Kamaloka lvl: 73)
Follower of Allosce  (Kamaloka lvl: 73)
Tarikos (Kamaloka lvl: 78-80)
Talia (Kamaloka lvl: 78-80)
Clover (Kamaloka lvl: 78-80)
Gael (Kamaloka lvl: Max 1)
Trison (Kamaloka lvl: Max 2)
Herold (Kamaloka lvl: Max 3)
Blizzer (Kamaloka lvl: Max 4)
Silvan (Kamaloka lvl: Max 5)
Tarikos (Kamaloka lvl: 78-80)
Talia (Kamaloka lvl: 78-80)
Clover (Kamaloka lvl: 78-80)
Certificate list:
Kamaloka Certification (level 23)
Kamaloka Certification (level 26)
Kamaloka Certification (level 33)
Kamaloka Certification (level 36)
Kamaloka Certification (level 43)
Kamaloka Certification (level 46)
Kamaloka Certification (level 53)
Kamaloka Certification (level 56)
Kamaloka Certification (level 63)
Kamaloka Certification (level 66)
Kamaloka Certification (level 73)
Kamaloka Certification (level 78-80)
Kamaloka Certification (level Max 1)
Kamaloka Certification (level Max 2)
Kamaloka Certification (level Max 3)
Kamaloka Certification (level Max 4)
Kamaloka Certification (level Max 5)

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