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How to Connect
Download the Temida Client
It will install the game wherever you want, e.g. D:/Game/Lineage2Temida
Download the Temida Updater
Copy L2Temida.exe to the place where you installed the game, e.g. D:/Game/Lineage2Temida
You must create an account to log in. You can do it HERE
Run the file called L2Temida which is located in the main directory. After launching, a shortcut will be created to start the game
Press Full Check and wait for the server's files to be downloaded
Play the Game  Smile

If you have encountered problems with Updater (Updater works in 100% but the system sometimes blocks it) and you are not able to solve the problem, download our latest Patch and upload to the game folder, e.g. D:/Game/Lineage2Temida
DOWNLOAD PATCH (26.10.2020)

We recommend using the latest Winrar to unpack the file:

*If you do not want to replace files (windows problem), it is recommended to delete old files before paste new ones.

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