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Fafurion Isle
From the depths of the ocean emerged an island full of monsters guarding the great boss, Fafurion. Presumably, the wizard Kiernan has something to do with it. 
To get to the island you have to bribe him! You will find him on the coast of Heine Island.
On the island, you will find 5 different defenders of Fafurion and the boss himself:
Fafurion Guard: 
Lawler, Hagan, Aidan, Meryl and Fehn.
[Image: Lawler.png]
Fafurion is a very strong boss, better get a good team! It appears every 48 hours.
[Image: Fafurion.png]
Fafurion absorb Crystal's 10-13 (Chance 100%) for all party member's.
Has a 20% chance of falling out Fafurion Necklace:
[Image: Fafurion%20Necklace.png]

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