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Radio - haber - 01-05-2021

Hi ! This time we introduced an add-on in the form of Radio. We can turn it on or off whenever we want and set our station Smile
Keyboard shortcuts that are available in the game:
Ctrl + R: Turn On

Ctrl + S: Turn Off

Ctrl + ↑: Volume Up

Ctrl + ↓: Volume Down
Description of the individual settings:
Enabled = True/False - Turning the radio on or off permanently
StreamTitle = True/False - Show the song title in the lineage window
StreamURL = - Here we change the radio that we want to play in the background
To change anything, open Lineage2/system/Smartguard.ini with notepad and edit file.
List of available radio stations: 
Radio ZET PL:
Zet Hip-Hop:
Radio ZET Party:
Radio ZET Dance:
Radio ZET Hits:
Radio Zet 80:
Radio ZET 90:
Radio ZET 2000:
Radio ZET Latino:
Radio ZET Kids:
Radio ZET Love:
Radio ZET Alternaty:
Chillizet African Ther:
Chillizet World Jazz:
Chillizet Jazz:
Chillizet Soul:
Chillizet Covers:
Chillizet Ladies:
Antyradio Katowice:
Antyradio Unplugged:
Antyradio Makak:
Antyradio Ballads:
Antyradio Hard:
Antyradio Covers:
Antyradio Made In Poland:
Antyradio Greatest:
Antyradio Classic Rock:
Tylko Polskie Przeboje:
*If you want the possibility of listening to your favorite radio added, please contact the administration. Smile