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Stay safe in L2Temida! Use secure links. Make sure that the links related to L2Temida are properly secured and lead to the correct page. Remember about the HTTPS security protocol that protects your personal information online.
Auto Create Account (If you want to use the services available on the website, register an account using the same login as in the game).
The best protection against Bots (The best servers use it !!)
Skills, Classes, Drop and Spawn System - PTS !
Temida Shop is avaible where we can buy Soulshots, mana potions and many other interesting things. We’ll find Mammon there too.
Duration of the Buffs, Dances and Songs - 1 hours
Maximum Buffs Slots - 24 + 4
Buffer (for players and pets) - Yes
Olympiads Max Enchant - 16
Sub-Class Quest - Not
Class Master - Yes (in Giran)
Offline mode Shop - Yes (.offline)
Auto Learn Skills - Yes
Champions System - Yes
Wedding System - Yes
Achievements system - Yes
Global Gatekeeper - Yes
Scrools, Life Stones and Divine books is Stackables.
Weight Limit - x3
Lvl differences in party - 19
Full C-Grade in Luxury Shop
Working siege Clan Hall (Fortress of Resistance, Bandit Stronghold, Devastated Castle, Wild Beast Reserve, Rainbow Springs Chateau and Fortress of the Dead).
2 Boxes are allowed ( Main + 2 Box ).
Coin’s of Luck is the additional currency in game. They can be obtained through Voting and Donation. One vote gives 25 CoL.
Book and Amulets drop has been blocked.
Greater CP Potion and CP Potion has 2 sec reuse.
All commands available here: (.help)
All configurations and features that were not reported here are Retail, ie equal to the official Lineage II or were considered irrelevant.


Experience (EXP) - 8x
Skill Points (SP) - 8x
Adena - 6x
Drop Items - 8x
Spoil - 9x
Drop Quest - 6x


Safe Enchant - 3
Max Enchant - 16
Normal Scroll chance - 60%
Blessed Scroll chance - 60% and not crystallizes


The ability to transfer your character to another account. Cost: 5,000 CoL.
Possibility to bet NPC Taurin (wh), Buffer, Temida Shop and Service Manager in CH and Castle. The cost of 1 npc is 2000 CoL.
All mobs on PI drop Mid-Grade Life Stone - Level 76.
Exchange of Noblesse Tiara for any augmentation (Description augmentation is in the forum)
Map: CT, FOG, IT, MOS, Catacombs, Necropolis, Devil Isle, Ant Nest
Special RB - Granit (Description is in the forum)
Special Mob - Dragonfly (Description is in the forum)


TvT - 19:00, lvl: 1-81, Reward: 10 FA, High-Grade Life Stone - Level 76, Top reward list - 20 CoL
CtF - 19:00, lvl: 1-81, Reward: 10 FA, High-Grade Life Stone - Level 76
DM -  19:00, lvl: 1-81, Reward: 10 FA, High-Grade Life Stone - Level 76
TvT, CtF, DM are interchangeable
GvG - 21:00, lvl: 76-81, Reward: Top-Grade Life Stone - Level 76 (Group size min. 3 ppl)
Kamaloka 70+
Collect Medals and Glittering Medals (Description is in the forum)

More Informations

More information can be found on our FORUM!

1º   PaRaDisE 8 lvl
2º   Apocaliptic 8 lvl
3º   Insumortable 8 lvl
1º   Siet 2683 pvps
2º   Bari 2561 pvps
3º   River 2082 pvps
1º   BlinD 81 pks
2º   Bari 66 pks
3º   NancyPong 43 pks
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